Carrot and Strawberry Turn Into Rabbit Toy For Girls

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Carrot and Strawberry Turn Into Rabbit Toy For Girls

Introducing our delightful and whimsical Fruit Bunny Plush Toy, a creation that is bound to capture the hearts of children with its Adorable and Cute Design. It's not just a toy; it's a gateway to a world of imagination and interactive play.

This toy ingeniously Transforms from a Fruit (Carrot or Strawberry) into a Bunny Plush, adding an element of surprise and wonder to playtime. It's a unique and interactive experience that sparks curiosity and joy in children.

Crafted from Soft and Huggable Materials, our Fruit Bunny Plush Toy is designed for Comfortable Cuddling. It's the perfect companion for bedtime snuggles or moments of comfort and reassurance.

It's not just a toy; it's a perfect Gift for Birthdays or Christmas, a thoughtful gesture that celebrates the joy of childhood. It's a present that ignites smiles and opens the door to a world of imaginative adventures.

Our Fruit Bunny Plush Toy goes beyond play; it Encourages Imaginative Play and Storytelling. It becomes a character in a child's world, fostering creativity and expanding their horizons through storytelling.

Suitable for both Boys and Girls, this toy transcends gender boundaries, inviting every child to embrace its charm and engage in hours of delightful play.

Safety is paramount, and our toy is crafted from High-Quality Materials, ensuring it is Safe for Children. Parents can rest assured that their little ones are playing with a toy that meets the highest safety standards.

But it's not just about fun; our toy also plays a role in development. It Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination as children manipulate and transform it. It also Promotes Creativity and Role-Playing, fostering essential skills for growing minds.

Elevate playtime, inspire imagination, and create lasting childhood memories with our Fruit Bunny Plush Toy. It's more than just a toy; it's a portal to a world of wonder and creativity, where the boundaries of reality blur, and the adventures are limitless.


    【Premium & Safety Material】This Rabbit Muppet Toys is made of comfortable and skin-friendly 100% polyester soft plush, super soft, fluffy, skin-friendly, and are filled with high-quality pp cotton, comfortable to touch.

    【Soft Fun Plush Rabbit with Pull Ears】Cute little rabbit animal doll, with long soft ears, big eyes, vivid and creative. The plush bunny rabbit stuffed animal's long fluff is skin-friendly and ultra-silky. Plush rabbit toys provide children with a variety of entertainment options.

    【Attractive Design】The features an adorable look bunny stuffed animal that can be wrapped in carrots or strawberries. The plush bunny rabbit stuffed animal's long fluff is skin-friendly and ultra-silky. The soft and flexible design makes this plush bunny perfect for cuddling.

    【Various Sizes Available】18/25/35cm (7/9.8/13.8 in). In order to welcome the coming Easter, our designer specially designed this Easter Stuffed Cute Bunny. The right size allows him to be used not only as a home pillow but also as a waist cushion and even as a nap pillow for company.

    【Perfect Gift】This realistic plush bunny is suitable for kids, wives and girlfriends. You can put it in your Easter basket or decorate the party scene, your home, or kids' room! On Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and birthday parties, it is a good present for lovers, children and friends

    Product information:

    • Color: Strawberry Rabbit, Carrot Rabbit
    • Processing Method: graphic customization
    • Applicable age: Youth (2-35+ years old)
    • Height: 18cm kg, 25cm 0.3kg, 35cm 0.6kg

    Notice: The smallest size is without the footprint

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