Steel Band Stylish Men's Watch

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Steel Band Stylish Men's Watch

Casual and Stylish: This watch embodies a casual yet stylish design, effortlessly enhancing your look across a variety of settings.
Stainless Steel Durability: Designed with a durable stainless steel band, this watch promises longevity and enduring appeal.
Masculine Appeal: Tailored for male wearers seeking a touch of masculinity in their accessories, this watch exudes a strong aura.
Everyday Water Resistance: Boasting a 30M water resistance rating, this watch is your reliable companion for everyday activities, unaffected by splashes and moisture.
Precision Quartz Movement: Driven by a precise quartz movement mechanism, this watch guarantees accurate and consistent timekeeping.
Clear Plexiglass Mirror: The watch features a sturdy plexiglass mirror that offers exceptional clarity, ensuring easy readability and a polished look.
Color Variety: Choose from multiple color options to perfectly match your personal style and preferences.
Comfortable Wearing: Engineered for comfort, this watch promises a comfortable fit that you can enjoy throughout extended periods of wear.
Functional Reliability: With its functional and reliable timekeeping features, this watch becomes your trustworthy timekeeping companion.
Affordable Excellence: Combining affordability and quality, this wristwatch presents an exceptional option for those seeking both style and value.


      • Model: 2273 steel belt
      • Applicable people: male
      • style: Casual
      • Waterproof: Yes
      • Waterproof performance: 30M
      • Movement type: quartz
      • Mirror material: plexiglass mirror
      • Case material: alloy
      • Color: blue with rose needle, black with rose needle, black with silver needle


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