Foam Spray High Pressure Cleaner

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Foam Spray High Pressure Cleaner


Introducing a high-pressure spray tool that's your go-to solution for effective cleaning and superior foam generation. This versatile powerhouse isn't just for automotive enthusiasts; it's a must-have for all your household cleaning tasks, making tough jobs look easy.

Say goodbye to dirt, grime, and stubborn stains that have met their match with this exceptional tool. Its high-pressure spray capability ensures that even the most stubborn residues are no match, leaving surfaces spotless and gleaming with minimal effort.

But what truly sets this tool apart is its foam-generation prowess. It produces a thick, luscious foam that envelops surfaces, ensuring that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned. You have full control over the spray pattern and foam density with its adjustable nozzle, allowing you to tailor your cleaning experience to your specific needs.

Designed with your comfort in mind, this tool boasts an ergonomic grip that fits perfectly in your hand, reducing fatigue during extended cleaning sessions. Its durable construction guarantees that it will be a trusted companion for many cleaning tasks to come.

This tool is highly adaptable, compatible with various cleaning solutions and detergents, ensuring that you have the flexibility to choose the product that suits your needs best. It's incredibly easy to connect and use with a generator or water source, making it a hassle-free addition to your cleaning routine.

From vehicles to driveways, sidewalks, and more, this high-pressure spray tool is your all-in-one cleaning solution. Experience the satisfaction of effortlessly restoring cleanliness to your surroundings, leaving them sparkling and refreshed. Say hello to a cleaner, brighter world with this versatile and effective cleaning companion.


  • Material hint material: engineering plastic
  • Spraying distance: 6 (meters)
  • Scope of application: car washing, flower watering, garden watering, pet bathing, etc.
  • Water pressure: 8
  • Material: ABS
  • Length: 0.21 (m)
  • Item weight: 0.24 (kg)
  • Water gun type: 8 kinds of sprays such as shower, hollow water column, umbrella, etc.
  • Size: 15*21CM
  • Car wash water gun: car wash watering and cleaning


1 Style: green water gun suit+10m water pipe,
2 Style: green water gun suit+15m water pipe,
3 Style: green water gun suit+20m water pipe,
4 Style: green water gun suit+30m water pipe,
5 Style: yellow water gun suit+10m water pipe,
6 Style: yellow water gun suit+15m water pipe,
7 Style: yellow water gun suit+20m water pipe,
8 style: yellow water gun suit+30m water pipe,
9 Style: black water gun suit+10m water pipe,
10 style: black water gun suit+15m water pipe,
11 style: black water gun suit+20m water pipe,
12 style: black water gun suit+30m water pipe

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